Attractions & Activities

Attractions & Activities in and around Wells Gray Park

The spectacular scenery is the reason Wells Gray Park  is a “must see” on your trip through BC.  It is known as the waterfall park as there are over 250 waterfalls located in the area. The most impressive is Helmcken Falls, at 141metres it is the fourth highest in Canada.  


However, there is a lot more to Wells Gray Park than magnificent scenery – extinct volcanoes, lava rock formations, alpine meadows, lush forest, and the free-flowing Clearwater River to name a few. Following are potential itineraries lasting from a short 1/2 hour to a few days stay in Clearwater, BC and Wells Gray Country.

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For those fishing enthusiasts look no further. Wells Gray country offers some excellent fishing; especially the fresh water Rainbow Trout, well known for its fierce fighting power. With the numerous lakes and rivers in the area you are sure to find your "ideal' fishing hole.

Family Hiking Trips

Fantastic hiking in the area. From short one kilometer trails to all day hikes to the more remote backcountry trips. The Clearwater/ Wells Gray area has pristine wilderness that is waiting to be discovered. You can explore on your own or utilize the services of the many qualified guides in the area. Click here for a map of the trails in Wells Gray Park.

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The Waterfall Dash - 3 hours

If you arrive in Clearwater later in the afternoon there is still enough time to visit 3 impressive waterfalls - Helmcken, Spahats and Dawson. In summer (July & August) it is usually light until after 8:00pm. Or relax in the evening and take a visit the park in the morning before heading off to your next destination. Driving distance is approximately 93 km round trip to Helmcken Falls

Spectacular Waterfalls - 6 to 8 hours

Driving distance is approximately 114 km round trip to Bailey's Chute or 112 to Ray's Farm and Mineral Spring. If you have the time, take a tour of the Clearwater Lake.

River Rafting and Kayaking

Clearwater, BC is famous for its excellent river trips. From exciting white water rafting, to the more relaxing scenic boat trips, there is a trip to suite your taste and time schedule. Kayaking trips and classes are also available. Check out this business located in Clearwater For more information: Liquid Lifestyles -

Natural Beauty

The famous Wells Gray Provincial Park is only a short 35 kilometer drive from Clearwater. The park is world famous for its majestic and numerous waterfalls. The three major falls are only a short walk from your car. For the more energetic, there are some excellent hikes to view the more remote falls. Wells Gray Park also offers extinct volcanoes, lava rock formations, alpine meadows, lush forests, unspoiled lakes and beautiful rivers. It is a "must see" on your tour of Western Canada. For more information on Wells Gray park and available hikes visit BC Parks web site or information on Tourism Wells Gray Association web site. Also click here for an article on the area.

On the Water - canoeing, kayaking

In addition to its famous waterfalls, Wells Gray Park is also know for its two large pristine lakes, Clearwater Lake and Azure Lake. Try canoeing and kayaking on these lakes as a means to explore the park and stay at one of the eleven wilderness campsites.

Full Day - 8 - 9 hours

Option A - Waterfalls and Whitewater Take a whitewater rafting trip in the morning and view the spectacular waterfalls in the afternoon. Clearwater has some great rafting trips at excellent value. Option B - Horseback Riding and Waterfalls View the waterfalls in the morning and take a horseback riding trip in the afternoon. Chance to walk behind the Moul Creek Falls. Not a fan of riding, you can also hike to the falls. Option C - Waterfalls and hike After viewing the falls take time to hike one of the many 1/2 day trails in the area. If visiting in August a drive up Trophy Mountain and short walk will take you to a beautiful meadow of wildflowers.